About Xenium

Xenium Digital is an Experiential Marketing Agency in Mumbai and a leader in the interactive advertising space. Our clients directly interact with their brands to create an intuitive and immersive experience. We create artistically appealing UI designs, animations, cutting-edge technologies, AR and VR that work in unison to create successful campaigns.Xenium has credited itself with introducing the latest technology based interactive promotions to the Indian market running ahead of the competition. Many national, multinational brands have preferred Xenium while launching their products in India.Xenium has a rich experience of more than 11 years. From the standalone desktop, web-based banner applications, to leading mobile platforms that include iOS/Andriod/Blackberry, are all part of Xenium’s spectrum of expertise. Social media integration Facebook/Twitter has been used whenever required to make the campaign Viral.

How We Work

When a client’s brief is on the table, we begin each campaign with a brainstorming session where we throw in random thought-starters from the entire team. Later we try to build on these ideas and discard the ones that seem to be difficult to work upon. The design and programming teams step in to create the storyboard based on the idea that is finalised. The campaign rolls out immediately and is executed with the help of an expert technical team. We assign dedicated technical experts on the field at the time of event to ensure flawless execution of the idea. Our teams are divided into marketing, creative, 3-D/2-D Designers and experts in electronics. Also technology specialists in Augmented Reality, Gesture, 3-D Depth, Face Recognition, Multitouch, iOS/ Android, activation campaigns ‘On Ground’, ‘In- Store’ and ‘Web’ etc.